Wallaroo Jetty

Wallaroo Jetty - Jetty Road, Wallaroo SA 5556

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Wallaroo Jetty is South Australia's Leading Fishing Jetty

Wallaroo Jetty extends out for 869 metres into water that is nearly 10 metres deep, the jetty is home to a wide variety of birdlife as well as many marine species.

The original jetty was constructed at Wallaroo in 1861. It was built to deliver copper to the port from the Wallaroo mine. Not only did the ships take copper from the port but they brought foodstuffs, timber, coal and mining equipment to Wallaroo and surrounds.

Jetty Rules

GENERAL ACCESS - 06:00 to 21:00

The commercial section of Wallaroo Jetty is open for public use,                  6:00am to 9:00pm every day. It is Private Property. Please take care to follow social distancing rules.

Take note that the Jetty is an Operational International Port subject to vehicle movement to the commercial end of the Jetty.  

The Jetty is subject to closure without notice due to shipping, maintenance requirements and COVID-19 restrictions.

Please see below for scheduled closures, and sign up for notifications on when the Jetty will be closed if you plan on traveling from Adelaide or out of town.

For information on days for closures due to shipping, please check the “Expected” and “Actual” shipping movements pages on 

Flinders Ports –  Shipping Schedule.

Jetty Open


The Commercial End of the Wallaroo Jetty will be closed – Tuesday 02/04/24

Due to the next ship coming in OCEAN MAKMUR



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